Day 14 of the I Ride for Cancer 2012 Ride

Day 14 – Macclenny, FL to Statesboro, GA

Georgia State LIne

Georgia State Line

Today’s ride was really meant to go from Macclenny, FL to Jesup, GA – about 100 miles – but I ran into more spoke issues. The first spoke broke around Folkston, GA and we switched out the back wheel with the spare one. And just outside of Hortense and 80 miles into the ride,  the spare broke.

So that left me stranded with only one option – find a bike shop. Unfortunately that meant driving to Statesboro (an additional 70 miles and the next day’s ride) as the closest bike shop was there.

Fortunately The Bike Shop (that’s the actual name by the way), was a really awesome shop. They fixed us up and got the bikes rolling again. We also used the opportunity to get the tools we needed to fix the spokes ourselves next time they break so we don’t have to keep trying to find bike shops.

So that leaves us with only one night in Georgia. That’s ok with me really as I’m not extremely fond of Georgia roads. They don’t believe in shoulders and the shoulders they do make are filled with what I’m calling rumble strips. You know, the kind that keeps a driver awake if they veer off the road.

Well it seems as if Georgia has a love affair with the rumble strips and that unfortunately means not very safe conditions for bike riders.

We will see what South Carolina brings tomorrow! Until then – I’ll be riding the white line!

Best Church Signs of the Day

If God is in your co-pilot seat, guess who’s sitting in the wrong seat?

A man who kneels before God can stand up to anything.

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2 Responses to Day 14 of the I Ride for Cancer 2012 Ride

  1. Bill Thompson says:

    Sorry I haven’t kept up with you, but I’m up to speed now! Great going! I can tell you’ve had your share of tough times on the road, but keep the faith! I’m really proud to call you my friend and I’m glad to see you’re making great progress.

    Remember, you can do all things in Christ who strengthens you! Keep up the good work!! Be safe and know that I’m keeping you in my prayers!!

    In His Grip,

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