Chris Hunter

Chris Hunter - I Ride for Cancer!


My Name is Chris Hunter and in June 2012, I plan to ride over 2,100 miles to raise awareness and money for Pancreatic Cancer. You could say this is a Pancreatic Cancer ride.

Why Ride So Far? Am I Nuts?

No I don’t think that I am nuts. Ok, I guess I might be a LITTLE nuts. All of my family and friends seem to think that I am. Maybe you have to be a little nuts to ride a bike across state lines for 2,100+ miles.

So why ride so far? I guess I have a little something to prove to myself, but the real reason is because when my Dad, Michael Hunter, was dying from Pancreatic Cancer, he told me that he wanted me to do whatever I could to rid the world of this terrible disease. I am hoping to raise $50,000 on this ride.

Am I Riding by Myself?

No. I am contacting riding clubs along the route from Texas to Maryland to ride with me for one day or more – whatever they feel like they can do. I’m open for other riders. 😉

Plus my father in law, Vince Falbo will be following with an RV and extra bike parts to help. Without Vince, I’m not sure I would have committed to this ride, so I am extremely grateful for his support!

What is Pancreatic Cancer?

Some call it the silent killer. I call it horrible. According to the latest statistics, the five year survival rate of Pancreatic Cancer is 4%. It’s the lowest of all cancers. It’s this that drives me to ride. I want to raise money and awareness to get rid of this disease.

 Who Will the Ride Benefit?

LiveStrong Foundation