Day 14 – 20 of the I Ride for Cancer 2012 Ride

Day 14-20 Catch Up

south carolina state line

South Carolina State Line

I know, I know. I need to keep up with this blog. It’s just so hard!! So I’m doing another catch up post.

These are mainly posts directly from Facebook with a few elaborations. I also posted some of the pictures I’ve taken along the way.

Day 14 – Macclenny, FL to Statesboro, GA

The Bike Shop - Statesboro, GA

The Bike Shop – Statesboro, GA

In Statesboro, GA. Both bikes broke down today (broke a a spoke on each bike) so we had to pack up at mile 80 of 100 to find a bike shop. Closest was in Statesboro. So here we are! The Bike Shop got us all fixed up and even stayed open a little late for us. Great guys! Thanks!!!

Church sign quote of the day: If God is your co-pilot, then guess who is sitting in the wrong seat?

Day 15 – Statesboro, GA to Yemassee, SC

Had a great ride today from Statesboro, GA to Yemassee, SC – about 75 miles. Lots of head winds and dogs chasing me. No broken spokes or flats. Thank God!!

Best church sign of the day – Real men love Jesus – Happy Fathers Day.

Day 16 – Yemassee, SC to Moncks Corner, SC

Vince and Chris

Vince and Chris

I spent fathers day riding 90 miles and thinking about my Dad and about why I’m on this journey. The conclusion is that I’m on this journey to create ripples. One ripple leads to another and another and another. My hope is that these ripples will do something great and help get rid of pancreatic cancer, what my father asked me to do.

If you will please email your senator and Congress person and tell them they need to back the Pancreatic Cancer Education and Research bill that will add some much needed funds for research. Pancreatic is one of the deadliest cancers and yet is the least funded. Let’s change that.

Share this so we can do something good together.

Best Church sign of the day – Happy fathers day God!

Day 17 – Moncks Corner, GA to Conway, SC

In Conway, SC very close to Myrtle Beach staying with family. I’m going to take a day off the bike and visit the ocean and give my bottom a rest. Tomorrow is a 100 mile day to Wilmington, NC.

Best church sign yesterday – VBS, where kids get down and lift God up high.

Day 18 – Day off in Conway, SC

Chris Bike Maintenance

Chris Bike Maintenance

I spent the morning fixing and cleaning both bikes. They really needed it. The one bike I’ve ridden the entire way had a MAJOR build up of grime on the bottom of it and needed some major degreasing action. I got them both into proper working order.

Headed over to Surfside Beach to visit with my wife’s Grandmother, Grandma Keller. She is so sweet. We had a great talk and then I walked to the beach (she lives two blocks from the beach) to sit in the sand for a while.

The day went really quick – too quick as I think I’m ready for some down time at this point. My bottom is killing me (a couple of saddle sores still) and I think it’s going to take a month to heal. At least I’m into the very last week of the ride now! Yea!

Day 19 – Conway, SC to Wilmington, NC

Ferry Ride

Ferry Ride

Quick status update. It was a looooooong day in the saddle. Left Conway, SC at 7 am, got into Wilmington, NC at 6:30 pm. Rode a ferry across Cape Fear and of course broke another spoke. Took a few wrong turns and added mileage to an already long day. But I’m here safe and sound. 😉

Best Church Sign of the Day – A cold church is like cold butter, it doesn’t spread well.

Day 20 – Wilmington, NC to Jacksonville, NC

north carolina state line

North Carolina State Line

Safe and sound here in Jacksonville, NC. Camped right outside of Camp Lejeune. Had a strong tailwind today, so I made great time. About time right? No broken spokes, very good. Vince stayed behind and took wheel with broken spoke to an awesome bike shop in Wilmington that rebuilt the entire wheel, so hopefully that will take care of all of those issues.

Not a church sign, but I liked it- Think of mistakes as feedback.

Day 21 – Jacksonville, NC to Washington, NC

Wheel Fix

Wheel Fix

Rolled into Washington, NC (yes that’s North Carolina) a little while ago. Nice day. It sure got hot, but nothing a good ol Texan boy can’t handle. I had an old Marine pull up next to me yesterday and say, “Son, you gotta be tougher than leather to be riding in weather like this! At a boy! Ride one for me!” I just laughed.

Off for my last century ride (that’s 100 miles for you non-rider folks) tomorrow to Suffolk, VA.

Best Church sign today (completely relevant to me by the way) – God doesn’t promise your journey will be easy.

That’s it for Now!

I’ll try to just take the post I add to Facebook from now on. I think writing a full blog post is just too much each night. Especially on long days. Tomorrow is going to be a long day – 100+ miles with a strong headwind (go figure).

Thanks and God Bless! Until I see you next, I’ll be riding the white line!

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  1. Pastor Steve says:

    Congratulations on your ride to the goal! Understand you are near D.C. Way to go! Have appreciated your posts; they’ve nurtured prayers for your welfare and stirred many a deep thought here at home. Blessings go with you in the remaining miles! Peace to you!

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